To request an exam, patients and/or law enforcement may call Garfield County Dispatch at 970-625-8095 and request a call back from an MWSA Nurse

Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations

Forensic Nurses who conduct SANE exams are specially trained in medical, psychological, and forensic examination of sexual assault victims. Ensuring that victims of sexual assault receive the highest standard of medical care and are treated with dignity and respect. Forensic nurses provide trauma-informed care. They identify physical and emotional trauma, document injuries, collect evidence, provide pregnancy and STD prevention medications, and make necessary referrals. Mountain West SANE Alliance enhances evidence collection for criminal proceedings and supports effective investigations and better prosecutions.

Anonymous Reporting

Adult victims of sexual assault can make an anonymous report. A victim can choose to obtain a medical forensic exam and not to participate in the criminal justice system. Any evidence collected and information given to law enforcement is released without victim identifying information. When evidence is collected as part of the medical forensic exam for an anonymous reporting victim, they consent to evidence storage only, and do not have the option of evidence testing. Evidence and information is stored for at least two years by local law enforcement and a victim has the right at any time to file a law enforcement report, thereby converting from an anonymous report to a law enforcement report. Mountain West SANE Alliance is happy to take calls from individuals seeking information about our services and encourage advocates to inform adult victims of the opportunity to speak with a nurse directly if they are hesitant to contact law enforcement after an assault.

On-Call Nurses

Mountain West SANE Alliance is available to answer calls 24/7. However, the nurse response for this community-based program is not “on call”. There will be times when nurses will not be available for examinations. Every effort will be made to arrange exams in a timely manner and locally if possible. As Mountain West SANE Alliance continues to grow under River Bridge Regional Center leadership the goal is to ensure that every victim of sexual assault receives the specialized medical care that a forensic nurse examiner can offer.

To request an exam, patients and/or law enforcement may call Garfield County Dispatch at 970-625-8095 and request a call back from the “on call nurse”. Currently, MWSA has an exam site at Rifle Public Health and we will have an additional site in Glenwood Springs opening in early 2018. All children and adolescents who are victims of sexual assault will continue to be seen for medical care at River Bridge Regional Center in Glenwood Springs.